The OFuzz flexible fuzzing platform

  • This application demonstrates the OFuzz flexible fuzzing platform (website) that can be used to generate a large quantity of random data for testing file-processing applications.

  • In general, fuzzing (Wikipedia) is a software testing technique that is used to generate random, unexpected or invalid input to programs to detect crashes or failing assertions.

  • The OFuzz platform focuses on flexibility, allowing users to easily substitute in testing components or fuzzing algorithms.

  • In this demonstration, you will be provided a web terminal emulation container that comes with the OFuzz platform preinstalled.

  • A sample configuration file is provided to generate test cases by mutating a simple text file. You should be able to look at the generated test cases in the output directory and play with the configuration and seed text files.

  • Please note that this demonstration is based on our interpretation of a small piece of this research project. It is not intended as a complete representation of the authors' research.

  • This demonstration is based on work that was presented in the 36th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (website). To learn more, take a look at the "Program-adaptive Mutational Fuzzing" paper

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  • Note: You will have around 20 minutes to test this application.